Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I go, the Lord is near me,
If I call upon Him, He will hear me,
Never will I fear, for the Lord is near, everywhere I go.
In the dark of night should things alarm me,
Ever in His sight, no ill may harm me,
I will be of cheer for the Lord is near, everywhere I go.
He is with me day by day, He will be my strength and stay;
From His path I will not stray but follow in His way,
In the coming of joy or sadness
I will praise His name with song of gladness,
For to me it’s clear that the Lord is near everywhere I go.
Everywhere God is there, Tending all with loving care,
He is near me everywhere I go.
Dark of night, morning light, I am ever in His sight;
He will keep me safe from harm I know.
Day by day my strength and stay, I will follow in His way.
All my days I will raise to His name glad songs of praise,
For the Lord is everywhere I go.