Vamuvamba – (They Crucified Him)

Ni li-tsu-li-tsa lio mwa-mi we-ru Ye-su lwa ya-va-mbwa,
Lwa Yu-da ya-tsa-ma Ye-su va-mu-va-mba.
Na vu-tswa kha-ndi khwa-so-ma i-va-nje-li ka ha-ndi-khwa,
U-bwo-ni bwe-ru bwa-chi-ra va-mu-va mba.
Va-li Va-yu-da va-mu-va-mba,
Ma-mi wa-nje Ye-su va-mu-va-mba, ha!
Lwa nda-li mu-he-yi nda-mu-va-mba,
Mwa-mi wa-nje Ye-su nda-mu-va-mba.
Ye-su khwa-mu-va-mba, Ye-su va-mu-va-mba.
(In remembrance of our Lord Jesus when he was crucified:
When Judas betrayed Jesus, they crucified him.
Again we read in the Bible, our sins crucified him.
When I sinned, I crucified him.
In his blood we were forgiven, in his blood our hearts were saved.)